Christmas 2020

Welcome to our Christmas newsletter and an update from Pastor Said on the current situation in Beirut. There are many challenges, but your support has, and continues to, make a difference to people who are facing ongoing hardship. So, before we go any further. Thank you.

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Explosion Update

The following is an update by Pastor Said on progress at the Life Center following the explosion. Repairs have progressed well, and the team are busy sharing the love of God in very practical ways in the community…

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Beirut Explosion

I’m sure you have all seen the scenes of devastation in Beirut following the explosion in the port. Recent history has been disaster after disaster for the people of Lebanon with the explosion following on from the COVID-19 epidemic and the collapse of the economy. Despite being a mile or so from the port the

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Summer 2020

This summer finds the team at the Life Center at the heart of a crisis like Lebanon has not seen before – and the country has endured many crises. The economy of the country has collapsed with inept and corrupt leadership and on top of an already dire situation COVID-19 has brought an extra layer

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