Spring of Life

Spring of Life LogoThe Spring of Life Center for Children at Risk is based in the Life Center and like the Life Center itself is a ministry of Mutual Faith Lebanon, a registered NGO dedicated to large-scale social work in the areas of Nabaa and Bourj Hammoud.

It hosts children from different cultural and religious backgrounds, most of whom come from disadvantaged Lebanese or Syrian refugee families.

Spring of Life provides comprehensive after-school programs to ensure children are properly equipped with knowledge and support to secure a bright future. By nurturing children with love, faith, and education they can make the right choices and contribute to making the world a better place.

Spring of Life Activities

After-School Program

Spring of Life offers homework assistance from Monday to Thursday to children of all ages. Academic support is provided to ensure they understand their lessons and excel in their studies. 

Additionally, psycho-social support is provided to children and their parents, providing a safe space for them to express their emotions and feelings.

Friday Kids Club

Spring of Life Children

This club is an extension of the after-school program, offering children a chance to unwind, play, learn, and enjoy fellowship together. It includes activities, snacks, and opportunities for social interaction.


This program aids students who struggle to afford their school fees.

It covers the fees that parents are unable to manage, empowering students to focus on their studies and reach their full potential without the worry of financial obstacles hindering their academic journey.

By alleviating the financial burden from families, the aim is to ensure that no student is denied access to education due to financial constraints. 


The library and storytelling project is one of the most recent daily initiatives, impacting 125 children divided into three groups. Through engaging storytelling sessions, games, and snacks, the aim is to ignite the imaginations of the children while teaching fundamental literacy skills. This holistic approach ensures not only mental stimulation but also nourishment for their growth and well-being.

Beqaa Mission

A new program in the Beqaa Valley is offering support and assistance to children and families in need. The mission is to empower children and youth through literacy promotion initiatives such as literacy classes and fun kid’s programs, striving to create opportunities for growth and learning in a nurturing environment.