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Refugee Work

The Middle East Life Center is in close proximity to the Nabaa, one of the most deprived areas of Beirut with multiple refugee familes being crammed into each apartment. The needs of these families can be overwhelming, but the church does what it can with limited resources to meet these needs.

Teams from the church visit refugee families and provide them with "food boxes" containing basic foodstuffs (e.g. rice, lentils, oil, beans, tuna, sugar) and essential hygiene items (soap, tissues etc.). Some families are also provided with extra items like milk, baby food, mattresses, electric fans, nappies and gas units for cooking.

Some local women took it upon themselves to volunteer their time to prepare simple lunches of chicken sandwiches in the church. These bring people together and provide a sense of community. To know that somone cares is of immense value to those who attend. Between 100 and 700 sandwiches can be distributed at each lunch so it's not a small underatking for a local church.

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