Beirut Explosion

I'm sure you have all seen the scenes of devastation in Beirut following the explosion in the port. Recent history has been disaster after disaster for the people of Lebanon with the explosion following on from the COVID-19 epidemic and the collapse of the economy.

Despite being several miles from the port the Life Center has been damaged but thankfully no one in the church has been seriously injured.

The following is an update from Pastor Said on the damage to the church building, but also the church's response to the disaster.

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Summer 2020

This summer finds the team at the Life Center at the heart of a crisis like Lebanon has not seen before - and the country has endured many crises. The economy of the country has collapsed with inept and corrupt leadership and on top of an already dire situation COVID-19 has brought an extra layer of suffering leading many to lose hope. In the midst of this suffering however there is hope as the Life Center team continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus.

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Christmas 2019

Life Center Team

It's Christmas again, but this year the challenges of ministry are amplified by the revolution which has gripped Lebanon. On October 17th a series of protests against corruption and the ruling elite began and have been ongoing evere since. These have been devastating with the financial system in lock down people aren't being paid and don't have money to feed their familes. At the best of times life is precarious for the poorest in society, but this Christmas the Life Center finds itself at the centre of a storm.

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July 2019

Spring of Life Students

Summer has arrived in Lebanon! It is warming up and it hasn't rained for a while now, but a sure sign of summer at the Life Center is the annual fundraising dinner which was held on June 14th. A team from Egypt has been staying and we've held the latest Life Leadership Institute (LLI) training. The Spring of Life homework support program has finished and the summer program is now underway. Summer children's, youth and church family camps are being planned. As always there's a lot going on.

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